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Shoshone Paiute Tribe
OWYHEE, NV Full-time
Posted on December 6, 2018

Shoshone-Paiute Tribes


Chief Financial Officer- As a key member of the Executive Management Team, the Chief Financial Officer will report to the Chief Executive Officer and Business Council and assume a strategic role in the overall management of the Tribe. The Chief Financial Officer will have primary day-to-day responsibility for planning, implementing, managing and controlling all financial-related activities of the Tribe. This will include direct responsibility for: Accounting, Finance, Forecasting, Strategic Planning, Legal, Property Management, Contract Analysis and Negotiations, Banking, investing and Grant/Contract Management. 

Chief Executive Officer-Responsible for the overall coordination, administration and oversight of programs, services, and activities provided by the Shoshone-Paiute Tribes.  Administers, plans, and directs the Tribes programs and services in accordance with Tribal Council directives, policies and procedures, legal requirements, and principles. The incumbent is responsible for overseeing the efficient and effective implementation of Tribal Government services.  The Chief Executive Officer will be responsible for the development of and implementation of Tribal goals and objectives, program services and economic development and maintaining compliance with applicable regulations.

Tribal Administrator- Shall be responsible for monitoring and carrying out the administrative functions of the Shoshone-Paiute Tribal Programs.Has direct supervisory responsibility over all programs under the Tribal Program Division. Plan and carry out grant processes. Responsible to insure compliance with Tribes’ adopted management manuals and policies and other applicable Federal guidelines in the administration of Grants and Contracts.Effectively communicates with representatives of Federal and State agencies as necessary in the administration of Grants and Contracts.Responsible for the supervision and monitoring of the progress of program objectives as specified in Grants and Contracts. Oversees status of Contracts and Grants and other major program activities and problems. Have knowledge of operations of BIA Self-Governance Programs.


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