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Posted on May 1, 2022

Position Title: Counselor/Behavior Specialist
Employee Group: Licensed-Certified
Position Classification: Exempt
Position #: 9-Month (189 Day/Year)

1. General Description of the Position’s function and Purpose

Provide individualized or small group counseling services to diverse students at
all grade levels in rural public school settings. Collaborate with staff on
behavioral interventions.
2. Specific Duties and Responsibilities

100 % of the time:
A. Provide counseling services to Pk-12th grade students.
B. Evaluate student behavioral health needs, design intervention, monitor and
evaluate progress of individual students and complete required reports.
C. Teach social and academic skills training, self-regulation strategies and
appropriate decision-making skills to Pk-12 individuals and small groups.
D. Participate in IEP and 504 meetings to assist in identifying individual students'
needs particularly related to behavior and mental health. Provide functional
behavioral assessments and assist in designing intervention strategies for
students who have been identified as having behavior or emotions that impede
E. Initiate and maintain on-going communication with school team members as
well as appropriate social services agencies involved with the student.
F. Develop and maintain effective communication with parents.
G. Provide teacher and instructional aide training in behavior intervention
strategies. Consult with teachers and aides in managing behaviors of targeted
students in order to provide optimum learning conditions in the classroom.
H. Provide school personnel with technical assistance regarding quality social
emotional learning, behavioral safety assessment practices, crisis response,
and sucide prevention.
I. Participate in staff, school-team, and parent meetings as appropriate or as
J. Participate in professional development activities.
K. Complete and maintain all required paperwork associated with assignments.
Accurately transfer, record and convey information and materials as required.
L. Other duties as assigned.
3. Knowledge/Skills required by the Job

Demonstrated excellent and effective communication skills. Ability to read,
understand and carry out oral and/or written instructions. Effective counseling

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Job Description: Behavior Specialist/Counselor

techniques. Demonstrated application of counseling in educational settings and
ability to interpret and comply with laws, rules and policies. Ability to coach
teachers to utilize behavior intervention strategies in regular classroom, resource
room or self-contained classroom settings. Demonstrated working knowledge of
special education policies and procedures. Ability to write behavioral IEP goals
and behavior plans using behavior development theories, strategies and
4. Responsibility

Written Guidelines: Follows ESD policies and guidelines as well as state and
federal rules, regulations and statutes and behaves in accordance with
educational facility guidelines.

5. Difficulty

Complexity: Ranges from minimal to complex.

6. Personal Relations

Personal Contacts: School and ESD employees, students, parents, and various
educational and social service agencies.

7. Environment

Office and School environments. Travel between educational facilities in a
personal vehicle may be required. Exposure to body fluids and other infectious
materials is possible. Exposure to verbally and/or physically aggressive students
is possible. Works with students on a one-to-one basis, in small groups, and in
the classroom.
8. Physical Requirements

Lifting 50 pounds occasionally, 25 pounds frequently, with frequent sitting and
occasional standing/walking. Able to stand for up to 90 consecutive minutes
and move rapidly to intervene in situations when a student’s safety is being
jeopardized. The supervision may also occur during times of inclement weather.

9. Title of the person to whom this Position Reports

Student Wellness Coordinator
10. Qualifications – Minimum Required
A. Education: 30 credits toward a Master’s Degree in a Counseling related field.
B. Experience: Professional experience in a school setting.
C. Other: Valid Oregon Counseling License with appropriate endorsement
according to the designated assignment. A valid Oregon Driver’s license.

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Job Description: Behavior Specialist/Counselor

11. Desirable additional Qualifications

Must work well under pressure, meeting multiple and sometimes conflicting
deadlines. Must demonstrate cooperative behavior with colleagues, parents, and
supervisors. Must be a team player.